Chaum Global Stem Cell Clinical Trials Center

CHA Health Systems

A global medical group that originated from challenges and pioneering.
We are realizing our love of life ideology in human society.

At CHA Health Systems, we use our “love of life” ideology as a base to provide the best in medical practice and service. Our Group continues to make developments to truly make “contributions to human society.”

At CHA Health Systems, we are continuously working on new life and curing life as we make history in “challenging and pioneering.” Moreover, we strive to find out what is the basis for loving life and what could be the foundation for happiness in humanity. These are our ultimate purposes for our existence and we have adhered by these ideologies for over 50 years since we were first established in 1960.

CHA Health Systems is constantly working to become a premier global medical group through our “love of life” ideology, the creation of new medical services, new treatments to illnesses, and the increase of happiness to humanity.


  • CHA University
  • CHA School of Medicine
  • CHA Graduate School of Alternative Medicine
  • CHA Graduate School
  • CHA Graduate School of Health and Social Service


  • CHA Gangnam Medical center
  • CHA Bundang Medical Center
  • CHA Bundang Women’s Medical center
  • CHA Gumi Medical center
  • CHA Daegu Women’s Medical center
  • CHA Cell Based Anti-aging Institute
  • Chaum
  • The CHA Health Systems Group Medical Exam Center
  • The CHA Fertility Center and IVF Clinic

Overseas Enterprises

· Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, LA
· CHA Fertility Center, LA
· CHA Health Systems Inc., LA
· CHA Healthcare Mgmt., LLC., LA
· CHA Property Holdings, LP., LA
· CHA Property Mgmt., LLC., LA
· Stem Cell International, Boston
· CHA Regenerative Medical Institute, LA
· CHA Reproductive Managing Group, LA
· Holy Optics, Chongqing
· CHA Bio & Diostech, Tokyo
· CHA Bio & Diostech, Shanghai
· Stem Cell & Reproductive Medicine International, Inc.
Medical Service
· CHA Ovum Bank, LA


  • CHA Bio&Diostech
  • CHA Biomed
  • CHA Cares
  • Seoul CRO
  • CHA BIOF&C Co., Ltd.
  • NEID
  • CMG Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Medical Service

  • ICORD, the CHA Cord Blood Bank
  • The CHA Medical Center Blood Donation Bank
  • The CHA Paramedic Service
  • Bio Insurance

CHA Research Institute

  • CHA Medical Institute
  • CHA Clinical Research Institute
  • CHA Cell and Gene Therapy Institute
  • CHA Alternative Medicine Research Institute
  • CHA Stem Cell Institute